The Gift of the Nile – the oldest travel destination in the world – has been on my bucket list for a long time. So, this August, I found myself in Egypt through a visitor’s experience, and was lucky enough to experience a little taste of the blazing, stunning summer that turns everything golden. But here, I am focusing on Cairo, telling you how to get the best of your visit and how to avoid the many ‘traps’ that tourists commonly encounter.


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  1. Try to connect with a local resident prior to your visit. Many of the really great spots for food, nightlife and for scenic views do not get reviewed on Yelp (unlike in the major USA or Europe cities). Locals make excellent guides- Far better than any search engine you can use.
  1. img_5568Remember there is a prohibition on drones and flying devices with cameras here.  I actually had an unpleasant run- in with the local police because of my footage of pyramids. Stick to traditional photography gear.
  1. Get to the tourist spot whether it is Pyramids, Egyptian museum or anywhere else as early in the day as possible. Traffic can be brutal and you will see some really unique driving on the roads.
  1. Get a local driver. The driving culture in Egypt is not easy to get used to. The locals are already experts in it.
  1. Stick to down town areas and visit all the venues by the river Nile for scenic views of the city. My personal favorite is Four Seasons café at the Nile Plaza, which features great authentic cuisine and breathtaking city views.

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  1. For authentic, traditional yet safe food experience, try this small hall- in- a- wall kind of place called Zooba in ElZamalek. I love the charm and unique flavor they offer. My experience trying different small traditional vegetarian fare, was delightful.


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There is a lot more to share about the city, more places and more do’s and don’ts, among others. For more information Email us at


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