Small little Greek island, known for extravagant parties and beautiful all white and blue houses all across it’s coast.

It has been on my bucket list for a little while yet never took a stand to make it all the way through.

On one summer night in San Diego I met this beautiful girl, where one casual conversation led to another, to find myself buying a flight ticket Greece. Planning to share a trip to Mykonos with her.

Lets say the whole story exceeded my expectations starting with the small family owned hotel we decided to lodge in “ Adelmar Mykonos”.


pool beer

ocean cofee

It has breathtaking pool views and great service. Most importantly it is really well priced for the value you get.

One thing worth mentioning is how beach parties are taken to another level in Mykonos. With all the different beaches and choices out there, I narrowed the choices to 2 very simple categories. Intense party scenery as in “ Paradise” and “Super Paradise” beaches, where are all the College folks, students from all over the world who get there for the party. Action Starts at noon stay till past midnight.

beach beach2

On the other hand, the more upscale experience as in “Scorpios” or “Nammos beach”. Action starts a little later may be by2-3 pm stays up till midnight. Restaurants are open late, with great variety of seafood.  The crowd and the music selections offer great diversity for every taste.

sunsetmyko sunsetmyko2

playa gina

Last, food everywhere on the island is really good, I would for sure try the seafood, the spices and the ingredients are gentle yet full of flavor. I would wander through “Mykonos town” and “little Venice” for restaurants, especially nighttime it gets super charming. My favorite two places to suggest will be “Eva’s garden” and “Avra”.

streetsmyko eveningmyko

Do not forget to add this destination to your bucket list, enjoy!


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