Last fall, I decided to wander through Asia. I started my journey in the Philippines and ended my trip in Hong Kong. On the way, I was lucky enough to stay in Seoul for a couple of days. I was meeting up with an old San Diego friend, MJ, looking forward to catching up and reminiscing about old times. But, my hidden agenda was the food because this gal is one of the biggest food enthusiasts I personally know so I knew she would take me to all the right spots in Seoul to get some mount watering, taste bud flattering fare. There is actually a lot about this trip that I would love to share in detail, but this post only talks about the high light, which was the dining experience I encountered here.

The best of the places that we went to

On my very first night in Seoul, MJ took me to this place called ‘Eol Big House’. Let me tell you, it was an amazing start for the foodie in me because I just had the most awesome BBQ experience right here!!

img_5490 img_5493

On our second night we decided to get a taste of the local flavor. We went down to a local market- a quaint place with a bunch of carts and benches. Here, they serve all- you- can- eat raw food, starting with meat, liver and Sashimis. The quality was beyond expectations, especially since I had some concerns about eating the raw meet. But surprisingly all went well.

img_5505 img_5504

img_5507 img_5500-copy

If you are in Seoul, and you crave sushi, I loved ‘Kimssushi’ and highly recommend it.

img_5488  img_5495 img_5494 img_5496

For a contemporary Korean cuisine, ‘Mingles’ has a great ambiance and carries a French infusion which makes it really exotic.

img_5533 img_5532 img_5531 img_5530 img_5526 img_5525

‘MiKo’ offered a great upscale Japanese experience.

img_5519 img_5512 img_5520 img_5502 img_5497 img_5491

Before you leave Seoul, make sure to try the world famous ‘Samgyetang’- whole chicken ginger soup with all the works that leaves you with a truly memorable taste.

img_5500 img_550022

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